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Rules of the forum (Read before posting!)

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Rules of the forum (Read before posting!) Empty Rules of the forum (Read before posting!)

Post  Matt on Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:58 pm

These are the rules of this forum. Please read before posting.

Forum warning order-first offence-light warning. second offence-warning bar decreased. Continuous rule-breaking in the same period of time-ban
Chatbox warning order-first offence-warning second offence-forum kick.If you keep coming back anc causing trouble-Ban.

Main rules

1a. Post responsibly. Any abusive comments and any other abusive content will be deleted immediately. The poster will recieve a formal warning and it is likely they will also recieve a ban.

1b. No spamming,advertising for personal gain or double-posting. Any double-posts will be deleted and the poster will be contacted. If you do not know what double-posting means,please contact a forum administrator.

1c.No pointless posting. This means no random word or one word not reply to somthing with one word like LOL or LMAO. Any random or one-word posting will be deleted and the poster will be contacted.

1d. Treat other members how you would want to be treated. No abusive/insulting comments will be tolerated.Anyone recieving these should contact a forum administrator.

1e.Discussing how to obtain any illegal content is prohibited.

1f.No posting any videos,comments or threads that could be insulting to any group of people. This includes certain youtube videos. If you are unsure as to wether or not you are posting somthing abusive,please contact a forum administrator.

1g.Try to Sign in at least once a week.

1h.Respect mods,admins & all other members of the forum.

1i.STAFF ONLY to use bold & coloured text.

1j. Do NOT post whole posts full of caps locked words. you may if necessary put one or two words in caps.

No Warnings- Rules of the forum (Read before posting!) Full1
One Warning- Rules of the forum (Read before posting!) 50788312
Two Warnings- Rules of the forum (Read before posting!) 42059054
Three Warnings- [img][/img[
Banned- Rules of the forum (Read before posting!) 5banned
NOTE: Warnings may also come with a small suspension/ban.

3a.Do NOT complain about a staff members actions in topics or the chat box. Follow the reporting procedure (below) Not following it may result in a warn or ban.
3b.If you dont want to complain and feel that staff member has misunderstood you,then PM them and talk to them,dont send a load of abuse.

Reporting Procedure
4a. If you have talked with the staff member or are unhappy with a staff members actions then you may report them by Messaging me (matt) with the topic,section,post (if necessary) and all other information needed to follow up the complaint.

Breaking any of the rules may result in a warning,suspension or ban.
Staff have the right to ban,suspend,warn members and delete or lock any posts or messages.
If you see a member breaking any of these rules, please quote the rule to them and report the post/PM as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to remove or modify any posts, or warn and ban members when necessary.

Lead admin-Rules of the forum (Read before posting!) Icon_contact_pm

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Rules of the forum (Read before posting!) Empty Re: Rules of the forum (Read before posting!)

Post  matthew on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:39 am

Rule 10 added

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